I started this blog a few years ago as a place to document all of the different hobbies in which I seem to be involved.  My hobbies seem to change as fast as the weather.  I have many hobbies and I stay interested in them for a while then I seem to bore and move on to something else.

I have started this blog to document the things that I will be doing in preparation for that day so many of us look forward to…retirement.  I am blessed that I do have a day in mind when I will retire.  It is close enough to start “the dreaming” but still far enough out that I can do some planning.

I will say that I have not spent years planning for this time so I am going to be “making up time” in the next few years.  I am frugal in many areas which helps in saving for retirement.

I will be sharing ways to save for the day, how to reduce the material things, and share how to prepare yourself for the days of traveling in an RV.




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